Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent

    Authorized gopher tortoise agents are individuals who are permitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for some or all of the following activities: surveying, trapping, marking, transporting and relocating gopher tortoises and gopher tortoise commensal species.  Each agent permit will clearly state what the agent is allowed to do and will be conditioned accordingly.  Agent permits are authorizations to the agents and their assistants under their supervision to conduct the activities specified.   

Use of an authorized agent is required for: 

  • All off-site relocation projects, regardless of capture method
  • On-site relocation projects that involve the relocation of more than five              gopher tortoises (10 burrows). 
  • On-site relocation projects that involve any method of capture other than bucket trapping, live trapping or hand shovel excavation.

     Coastal Engineering Associates, Inc. environmental scientists are specially trained in the gopher tortoise conservation actions required by the FWC.  Coastal Engineering Associates environmental staff has relocated hundreds of tortoises for our public and private clients during the past twenty years.  

Services Offered:

  • Tortoise Burrow Surveys 
  • Permitting
  • Bucket Trapping
  • Burrow Excavation (Backhoe)
  • On — Site Relocation
  • Off — Site Relocation

For more information or a quote for services, please contact: 
Joe Calamari  (352) 796-9423 or