Frequently Surveyed Wildlife Species:

  • Gopher Tortoise 
  • Southeast American Kestrel 
  • Listed Wading Birds 
  • Red-cockcaded Woodpecker 
  • Eastern Indigo Snake 
  • Florida Mouse 
  • Gopher Frog 
  • Bald Eagle 
  • Sherman’s Fox Squirrel

Frequently Surveyed Plant Species ·        

  • Brooksville Bellflower
  • Florida Pigmy Pipes
  • Garberia
  • Cooley’s Water Willow
  • Rain Lily      




Listed Species Survey

Currently there are more than 500 plant and animal species protected by federal, state and local governments and the specific laws that govern protection and management of these species are very complex.  Coastal Engineering Associates, Inc. environmental scientists are well versed in identifying listed species and resolving threatened/endangered species issues.  Our trained scientists can identify and survey appropriate habitats and help to avoid potentially expensive conflicts with listed species and the regulatory agencies which govern them.  Coastal can develop mitigation strategies and long-term management plans in an effort for your project to co-exist with the listed species which may be present on your project site.   Our listed species surveys are conducted in accordance with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) methodologies and guidelines.  Our reports are detailed and will provide you with the available mitigation options.  

Services Offered: 

  • Surveys
  • Permitting
  • Management Plans
  • Relocations